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Can Simulated Water Protect iPhone 7 from 100ft Drop Test? - Gizmoslip


Can Liquid Glass Putty Protect iPhone SE From 100 FT Drop Test? https://youtu.be/l246IfLAu3A

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Recently I made a Valentine’s Day gift using simulated water. Of course, I naturally thought “I wonder if this could protect an iPhone 7 from a 100ft drop”... so here we are. Let find out what happens! Thanks so much for watching. You guys rock! Can Rubber Band Case Save iPhone 6s from 100 FT Drop? - GizmoSlip. Don't Put Your iPhone 8 in Edible Water Bottle!! Can 500 Skittles Protect an iPhone 7 from Extreme 100 FT Drop Test? - GizmoSlip. Can Silly Putty Protect iPad Air from Extreme 80 FT Drop Test? - GizmoSlip. Can Fleck of Pure Gold Shatter iPhone X Screen? Can World's Largest Gummy Worm Protect iPad Air from 100 FT Drop Test? How Many iPhones Can a 12 FT Guillotine Slice Through? Can iPhone 7 Survive 1 Gallon Gasoline Explosion? (WARNING: Epic Explosion!). Can Oobleck Protect iPhone X from Bear Trap? I bought him a fake iphone 7 for his birthday **PRANK!** (emotional).

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