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Can Explosive Cutting Tape Slice 50+ Android Phones at Once? Original Value $30,000+!


How much damage can explosive cutting tape do to 50+ Android phones (Galaxy S6, several Note phones, HTC, LG, Etc)? With all of the hubbub about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding recently, this is a perfect test to carry out on some of Samsung's brethren. This is a follow up we did to see if 50 iPhone could protect an iPhone 6s from the same explosion (link below). We had a blast (get it?) filming this! Thanks for watching!

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Thanks to Matt for letting us come down and blow up these phones. Check out Bonetti Explosives here:

Thanks to Darren for the slow motion filming. Check out his channel:

Check out the original iPhone Explosive Tape video here: Can $30,000 Worth of iPhones Protect an iPhone 6s from Explosive Laser-Cutting Tape?

posted by enquissarih