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Can a Hand-Carved Log Protect iPhone 7 from 100 FT Drop Test? - GizmoSlip


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Today, we introduce the first episode of the You Make It, We Drop It series! We were sent this hand-carved wooden case to see if it could protect an iPhone 7 from a 100ft drop test. Thanks for watching, enjoy!

Instructions for how you could send in your own homemade case:
1. Email with a proposed design/sketch of your idea. Be as detailed and original as posible. We are intrested in original fun ideas that aren't simple to replicate.
2. If we like your idea, we'll respond with directions on how to mail it in.
3. Create your case idea and send it in.
4. If we use your case idea on the show (which we will if you designed like you said), we'll plug your YouTube channel and send you a $100 gift card!

Looking forward to everything you guys come up with!

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