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Busy Momma - Chihuahua puppies 1 week old


For everyone who commented - Mom is doing very well and back to her happy self, she was tired having 6 puppies, you would be too. She did need a csection which is very common for beautiful healthy purebred chihuahuas with beautiful heads. Puppies are all spoken for and in their new homes. Everyone is doing very well. Dad is with family. Our dogs are Canadian Kennel Club registered, with health tests done and from Champion lines. We do not overbreed, our litters are planned and sold before breeding and they only have a few litters then retire. Thanks for all the comments :) Bess' Chihuahua Puppies. Chihuahua puppies of Queeny, Muffin and Grace - 28 nov.2016. How Dog Mommies Survive With So MANY Puppies??? All about the Chihuahua: History, Care and training. 2 week old Chihuahua puppy does something really cute. Unbelievably Cute Cross Breed Dogs You'd Want To Own. Meet My Chihuahua | The Life Of Jake. Mom Bernese Mountain Dog Giving Birth To Many Cute Puppies- Life Of Dog Breed. Baby & Husky Work Together To Sneak Food Behind Dad’s Back!! [HUSKY OBEDIENCE TEST] [EPIC FAIL]. Funny and Cute Chihuahua Videos | Funniest Chihuahua Dogs, Puppies Playing Barking Compilation.

posted by oreo5l21