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BUNNY WAILER u0026 The Solomon Orchestra live @ Main Stage 2009


Live show recorded at
16* Rototom Sunsplash 2009
Jul 211 Osoppo Italy

Set list:
00:00:00 Rastaman Chant (Wailers Cover)
00:04:24 Bald Head Jesus
00:09:19 Rastaman
00:11:34 Black Heartman
00:14:14 Armageddon
00:16:35 Fight Against Conviction
00:18:15 Dream Land
00:21:59 Love Fire
00:26:58 Ballroom Floor
00:31:06 Rootsman Skanking
00:35:20 Cool Running
00:38:50 (Unknown song)
00:45:13 Don Dada
00:49:45 Trench Town (Bob Marley Cover)
00:52:52 Trench Town Rock (Wailers Cover)
00:59:28 Simmer Down (Wailers Cover)
01:02:15 Walk The Proud Land (Wailers Cover)
01:03:37 We Gonna Rule This Land
01:05:18 I Stand Predominate
01:06:32 I’m The Toughest (Peter Tosh Cover)
01:08:35 Hypocrite
01:14:22 No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley Cover)
01:20:00 The Heathen (Bob Marley Cover)
01:24:49 Three Little Birds (Bob Marley Cover)
01:27:58 Easy Skanking (Bob Marley Cover)
01:31:22 Legalize It (Peter Tosh Cover)
01:42:44 Thank You Lord (Bob Marley Cover)
01:47:22 One Love (Bob Marley Cover)
01:52:04 Keep On Moving (Bob Marley Cover)

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