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Building a Magical Mini Apartment For Disney Queen Elsa ❄️

SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science

Hi, guys! Sam has an amazing Elsa doll! But unfortunately, she doesn't have her own house…Sue believes that Elsa needs her own house, her own stuff and a personal bed.

So, today we will build a miniapartment for our dear Elsa!

1:11 First goes the bathroom. The walls in the bathroom look like real ice! Elsa will have a comfy shower cabin with shiny stones. Then we need to make the most important parts for our shower. The tap to turn the water on and the actual shower. We'll make it from a standard dispenser. Don’t forget about all the girly jars and bottles! Let's make a table for them! Wow, so cool! And here is the toilet. Even the water inside is magical! For the drawer we used the lower part of the bottle and the toilet is made from the upper part.

7:13 The bathroom is ready, but our Elsa has to sleep somewhere. Let's make a cozy bedroom for her. The walls will be covered with this magical photo wallpaper. Elsa will have a cozy bed with fluffy pillows, a warm blanket and a canopy! Every girl needs a dressing table in the bedroom. Our table will be pink! But you can choose any color you like. We add a big mirror in the room, a lamp for evening light and make a makeup bag for special occasions! We will add a 3D picture to our interior! The dream house is ready!

So, how do you like this super modern but magical house?

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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