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Building a Custom Electric Bass from SCRATCH

Xyla Foxlin

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Xyla Foxlin
10866 Washington Blvd. # 610
Culver City, CA 90232

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Bill of Materials from StewMac: affiliate links

The Neck:
1x Ebony 3" Wide Fingerboard for Bass
1x Slotted Fingerboard for Fender Bass
1x Bass Neck Blank
1x Spoke Nut Hot Rod Truss Rod (24.5")
2x 0.200" x 0.250" x 24" Carbon Fiber Rods
1x Router Bit for Hot Rod Truss Rods
1x Gauged Nut Files for Bass
2x Fender Nut Blank
2x Pre Cut Fret Wire (Medium/Medium)
1x Deadblow Fretting Hammer
1x White side dot material
20x 4mm pearl dots
1x Fret Cutters
1x Fret End Dressing File
1x Refret Saw and Fret Slot Cleaning Tool Set
1x Fret Leveler 6"
1x Compact Z File (300)
1x Fret Rocker
1x Notched straight edge for basses
1x 24" Straight Edge
1x 16" Aluminum Sanding Beam
1x 3M Stikit Gold Abrasives Woodworker Set of 3, 23/4" Roll
1x 3M Stikit Gold Abrasives Fret and Finishing Set of 4, 23/4" Roll
1x Nut & Saddle vise
1x Nut & Saddle Shaping File Sets
1x String Spacing Rule
1x Feeler Gauges
4x Gotoh Compact Bass Tuners Left Chrome
1x Roller String Retainer for Bass

The Body:
1x Golden Age Pickups for Jazz Bass, Set of 2
1x Premium Wiring Kit for Jbass
1x Hipshot 4string KickAss Bass Bridge
1x Bass String Ferrules
1x Neck Routing Pocket Template for Fender
1x Electro Socket Jack Mount (Chrome)
1x Flush Trim Bit 1"
1x 7/16" Roundover Bit

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