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BUILD YOUR HIPS - Exercises to FIX your HIP DIPS

LYZABETH LOPEZ - Fitness & Nutrition

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How to get bigger hips, and how to get rid of hip dips has become one of the questions that I hear the most! Now always keep in mind that you cannot change your bone structure, you can add some muscle which can add some shape. The other thing that you can do is create the illusion of wider hips. I call this the #hourglasstechnique from my Hourglass Workout program. To do this: build your shoulders to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Use pilates to cinch your waist (I have a Pilates ab real time workout coming out next week on the channel so be sure to subscribe and catch that video when it comes out). Pilates cinching exercises will pull the waist in also giving the illusion of wider hips. Doing this along with doing resistance exercises for the muscles surrounding the hip area can give you that hourglass silhouette.

Home Exercises:

- clam shells with booty band
- booty blast with booty bands
- sumo walking with booty bands
- banded hip thrusts
- hire hydrants
- donkey kick with ankle weights (open laterally at the top)


- Abductor machine
- Banded squats

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