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Bringing Vtec Vicky back to Life! (Single Day Built Integra)


Huge thanks to Mike for helping us get her up and going, be sure to check out his instagram @mtm.813 Junkyard Rescued Honda gets a Motor! FINALLY TURBOING THE SHOPPING GO KART! Wago Is Finally Getting a Turbo! Hondaru 2.0 Is Ready To Make Some Boost! The New Shop Is Coming Along! Wago Makes Some POWER On The Dyno! Wago's Engine Bay Gets Some Love / Came Out so Good! First Turbo Manifold I Have Ever Made. Is this the Cleanest Turbo Integra Ever? Rywire Impresses us Once Again. New 1200Hp Intercooler Core For The Twin Turbo Mr2!

posted by probaney