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Brave or Stupid? Russian Teen Daredevils


Short documentary about the craziest new trend that originated in Russia. Skywalking.
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Don’t look now – and definitely don’t look down – but skyscraper climbing has come to be a full-blown trend in Russia. The phenomenon is terrifying in its sheer, stupid simplicity: you find high buildings and landmarks that are grossly dangerous to climb and then you scale them without the benefit of a safety harness. Of course, as is the case with most social media-fuelled trends nowadays, it only counts if you chronicle the experience through pictures or video. Despite its surging popularity, this high-risk aerial climbing trend is wholly and entirely illegal, but if a 1,000-foot skyscraper isn’t going to deter a Russian thrill-seeker, the threat of police enforcement probably isn’t going to do the trick either.

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