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Boykin Spaniel - Top 10 Facts

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Boykin Spaniels are known for their hunting skills, but they make just as good companions to families as to hunters, thanks to their smarts and their friendly confidence. These smart pups adore the human members of their families, including kids.

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In this video, we are counting down the top 10 facts about the Boykin Spaniel that you might not know.

A Quick Overview:
Group: Sporting Dogs
Weight: 25 to 40 pounds
Height: 14 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder
Life Expectancy: 10 12 years

The Boykin Spaniel is only slightly larger than the English Cocker Spaniel but much heavier through the body width. Height at the withers for males ranges from 15.5–17 inches and weight 30–40 lbs. Females are smaller, 14–16.5 inches, and 25–35 lbs. Buyers should be aware of the size and weight in the puppy's pedigree before choosing a breeder if the size is a factor in their choice of dog. Traditionally, its tail is docked at the age of three days, leaving 1/3 length. Eyes are engaging and bright. The color ranges from brilliant gold to dark amber. Puppies will have milky bluishgold to amber eyes until a few months old. The coat color comes in liver or chocolate (shades of brown).

Created by South Carolinians for hunting turkeys and waterfowl in the state's swamps, the mediumsize brown dog encompasses the best of the spaniel talents and personality: An ability to flush and retrieve, willingness to work, attractive hanging ears, and a friendly wagging tail. Besides being a great allaround hunting dog in a convenient size, he's alert, selfconfident, and smart, all of which make him an excellent family companion as well. He gets along with other dogs and children and takes to training like a duck on a June bug.

The Boykin Spaniel is a versatile hunter, working as a retriever and upland hunter, flushing birds into flight. Pointing is not in character with the Boykin's hunting style, but many confuse the inherent characteristic of a "hesitant flush" with pointing. Of the six or eight different breeds used to create the current breed, three are pointing breeds for this reason. The field Boykin spaniel wants to be 100% precise when she flushes her bird, and as a dutiful partner, she knows to wait until her hunter is positioned for the shot. Their stamina in hot weather and eagerness make them good for dove hunts, but also for pheasant and other upland game.


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