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Border Collie Puppy Tricks and Training (12-Week)

Arthur Li

Responsible dog breeders normally allow a puppy to be taken home no later than 8weeks. Some basic puppy training can start as early as that. Border collies are known for their intelligence, so Ellie is learning new puppy tricks with flying colours. House training, potty training, crate training, puppy bite inhibition are a few of the most earliest and essential tips and tricks that allow a new dog owner to happily coexist with the puppy.

That said, the most important and first dog command to teach is probably "Look at me!". This command is a prerequisite for almost all other puppy tricks in order to let the puppy pay attention to you. The rest is just time and patience.

Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement should be used together for effective results. Teach the puppy what's correct and wrong.

I am not a professional dog trainer. At the time I made this video, I had not been to the PetSmart training class, where later I found out taught a lot of similar dog training tips and tricks as I have researched and thus believed in by myself, which gave me some good confidence on how to train a puppy. Below are the commands and tricks at 12week:

1. Look at me
2. Sit
3. Down
4. Crawl
5. Leave it
6. Come
7. Stay
8. Go to crate
9. Go to pen
11. GO POOP!
12. Spin
13. Drop it
14. Touch it
15. Get... (will add objects in the future)
16. Weave
17. Go fetch

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posted by sparkeeparkeeza