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Border Collie Experience - After Two Years

Arthur Li

Border collies training is rewarding. A border collie pup can learn new tricks faster than I could ever imagine. For those new dog owners who are looking to adopt any dog breed, I hope this video can provide a good idea of expectation and reality. I shared a little bit insights into Ellie's behaviour, personality, and our modes of interaction. More important, I share some common mistakes on how to train a puppy so that you can avoid them.

Just a quick note on positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement:
Both positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement are needed in dog training. Many people mistake negative reinforcement as just punishment. Never put her in a dog crate if she makes a mistake. Technically, punishment is a form of negative reinforcement, but that's not the form we hope to perform on our pups.

A few examples of coupling negative and positive reinforcement in dog training:
When the dog chews on furnitures or shoes, we just correct their behaviour by blocking them or taking away the shoe, that is negative reinforcement. Then we replace the shoe with a dog toy, that is positive . When the dog jumps on you to beg for food, ignoring her is a negative reinforcement. If then we follow up with an ask to sit and then reward, we can turn the negative reinforcement into a positive one.

I normally find that when positive and negative reinforcements are used together, the best results can happen.

00:00 Ellie is two years old
00:23 Positive reinforcement
01:28 React timely
03:11 Training consistency
04:18 Say dog command once
05:25 Empathy and patience

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