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Bloxburg | Blush Family Mansion | No Large Plot | Speed Build | 604k


Total Plot Value: 604k

Game Passes Used: Advance placing, multiple floors and basement.

*This is a remodeled version of a house I did over a year ago just flipped around, repainted and completely remodeled. Here is the original house if you would like to check it out:



*Roblox Group Page:

*Fan Mail:
[email protected]


Q. Can you build me a house?
A. No sorry, I wouldn't have enough time to build for everyone.

Q. Can Your friend me?
A. No since there is a limit i cant, but If you follow me you can join me anytime.

Q. Can you donate?
A. No sorry, it takes every cent I have to keep putting out as much content as I do.

Q. Do you keep your builds when you finish them?
A. No, they all end up getting deleted eventually.

Q. What editing software do you use?
A. Animotica Pro

Q. What screen recorder do you use?
A. I just use the software that came build into my laptop, so I do not use some outside app.


*DISCLAIMER* I do NOT own rights to any of the music used in the video.

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