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Bloons Tower Defense 6 - Spike Factory Only on Hard Mode


Bloons Tower Defense 6 / Bloons TD 6 - spike factory only on hard mode! No farms, no village, no nothing to help me out here, only spike factories. Is it actually possible to defend the early game rounds before you can actually afford perma spike? I sure hope so.

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Download Bloons TD Battles: Bloons TD 6 Glitch - Infinite FREE Dart Monkeys! | Bloons Tower Defense 6 Glitch. Bloons TD 6 - Boat. Bloons Tower Defense 6 Apopalypse Mode ROUND 1-100. Bloons Tower Defense 6 NEW UPDATE 2.0 - New Hero Captain Churchill VS 1 B.A.D. The Primary Expertise Village is FINALLY Useful in Bloons TD 6! Bloons TD 6 - Grandmaster Ninja Buffed by Shinobi Ninjas is INSANE! When the New Hero Meets a Round 500 B.A.D. (Bloons TD 6). Bloons Tower Defense 6 - 7000 Lives ADVANCED CHALLENGE! Bloons TD 6 - BEST SPIKE FACTORY GUIDE OF ALL TIME. Bloons TD 6 - ALL 5TH TIER TACK SHOOTERS!

posted by babiiangel07w9