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Blacksmithing - Old School project # 3 - The Miner's Candlestick

Mark Aspery

The ability to isolate and then manipulate material is a cornerstone to the blacksmith's skill set.
The Miner's Candlestick, forged from one piece of material, gives the blacksmith a chance to practice these basic tenets of the craft. Blacksmithing - Forging a larger decorative leaf. Blacksmithing - Tealight candle holder experiment. Blacksmithing - Forging a woodworkers holdfast. Calerin Forge: Tomahawk - Forging The Blade, Part 1. DIY Blacksmithing Forge. Blacksmithing - Slitting and Drifting. Watch As 13 year Old Makes His First Axe! (He did a Great Job!). Blacksmithing - Wizard Headed Bottle Opener. Blacksmithing - Forging a candlestick. Membuat parang dari baut as roda motor - luar biasa keren!

posted by Gogolkaqa