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Blacksmithing Magic with a marble full version

Nightschool Blacksmith

This is my first attempt at shrink-fitting a marble in a hole punched and forged in a steel bar, giving me Blacksmithing Magic!!

There are two other versions of this video;

The full, but speeded up version is here;

The short version is here;

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Act Three - Tenebrous Brothers Carnival by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
Artist: Basic Blacksmithing. How to forge a Christmas ornament. Basket twist Christmas ornament. blacksmithing technique - a few different twists in iron. Blacksmithing - Forging various Christmas ornaments. Forging a simple drive hook - blacksmithing for beginners. Forging the mini railroad spike tomahawk - blacksmith challenge - part 1. Twisting round bar - ornamental ironwork - basic blacksmithing. Forged iron icicle Christmas tree ornament - basic blacksmithing. A look at a preventable accident - or - don't do what I did - blacksmithing accident.

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