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Black Mirror: Every Easter Egg in Seasons 1-4


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We found over 60 Easter eggs across all four seasons of Black Mirror. Together, they confirm one big fan theory: all the episodes exist in the same universe.

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Written and narrated by Oliver Whitney (https://twitter.com/CinemaBite). Edited by Jack Transue. The Ending Of The Entire History of You Explained | Black Mirror Season 1 Explained. Black Mirror: Are Digital Copies People? Complete Game of Thrones Recap: Every Episode in 12 Minutes. The Ending Of Hated In The Nation Explained | Black Mirror Season 3 Explained. The Ending Of Arkangel Explained | Black Mirror Season 4 Explained. 10 Banned TV Shows That Shocked The World. Black Mirror: What's the Point? (SPOILERS) – Wisecrack Quick Take. Every Easter Egg from Black Mirror Season 4. The Worst Black Mirror Episode - NitPix. Black Mirror Season 4 Black Museum Breakdown And Easter Eggs!

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