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Bike Trip! Day in the Life of a Belgian Shepherd Dog

Rancho The Dog

Bike Trip! Day in the Life of a Belgian Shepherd Dog

In today's episode, we took our Belgian Shepherd Rancho for a little bike trip to the lake. As you probably know, he loves bikejoring and water, so he really enjoyed the day :). He had a nutritious meal after that and slept for quite some time.
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Rancho's BIKING Gear:
Starter Kit with Combined Harness :
Starter Kit with Freemotion Harness:

Bike Antenna:
Bungee Leash:

Harness Size 7 (Rancho's size):
Harness Size 6:
Harness Size 8:
Harness Size 5:
How to measure your dog for a Nonstop Freemotion harness:

And you can also follow Rancho on Instagram! Here's the link:

Rancho the Dog is a 4 year old Belgian Shepherd Tervuren. There are 4 varieties of the Belgian Shepherd Dog the Malinois (short coated), the Groenendael (black longcoated), the Lakenois (wirehaired) and the Tervuren (basically a longcoated Malinois, as far as color is concerned)

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