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Bike Bully, Officer Mitch Mabry, COPS TV SHOW

Officer Mitch Mabry - Glendale Police Department
Officer Mitch Mabry of the Glendale Police Department responds to an armed robbery in which a bicycle was taken at knife point. Upon arrival, Officer Mabry speaks with the teenaged victim and learns the incident could be more appropriately described as a theft rather than a robbery. While speaking with the victim, another officer spots and detains the suspect on the victims BMX bicycle. The teen jumps into Officer Mabry's vehicle and is driven to the location where the suspect has been detained. Here, the victim positively IDs the suspect, who is then taken to jail for theft and the teen gets his bike back. Alaska State Troopers S1 E5: Drug Bust. Cops and Robbers Season 2 Episode 5! I Almost Got Away, Detectives Lynn and Meggers, COPS TV SHOW. Kids Arrested In Stolen Vehicle Then Snitch out Loyalist Ring Leader. Bikini Car Stop, Officer Ryan Cook, COPS TV SHOW. Navajo Cops S1 F5: Axe Attack. Navajo Cops S1 F4: Gangs Guns and Guts. America's Dumbest Criminals - Compilation 11. Meth Makes a Better Mama, Officer Joshua Hixson, COPS TV SHOW. Million Little Pieces, Officer Vincent Villarreal, COPS TV SHOW.

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