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Big Man in a Tiny House: Episode One - Our Story in Progress...

Big Man in a Tiny House

Introduction, grinding rust off the trailer frame to prepare it for priming and painting.

Doing this to ensure the trailer (and therefore the tiny house) is around for years to come.

Photos and more behind the scenes stuff at the Facebook page:

Some friends started a gofundme campaign to help raise money to finish the house sooner. Please don't donate if doing so would cause you financial hardship. Moving Our Tiny House To The Build Site. Tiny house for under $5000. Tiny House Trailer. Tiny House Tour + New Addition! Tiny House In The Big Yard Tour. OUR NEW TINY HOUSE! Tiny house pioneer Jay Shafer: thinking beyond trailer parks. Trailer Build from Mobile Home Frame. Amazing Micro Home Ideas, Small House Movement. The tiny home built from scratch for $11,000 by architect, 27, who wanted to avoid a mortgage.

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