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BIC Formula F-12 Subwoofer - OfferUp $160 - MSRP - $479

Average Guy Hi-Fi

BIC Formula F12 Subwoofer OfferUp $160 MSRP $479

Average Guy HiFi Rating 39/50 = 78%

Demo: Tron: Legacy (Caster scene)

Amazon link:

One of my favorite demo videos. Get you some!

BIC F12 Subwoofer

Amazon link:

Type Ported
Woofer 12” Injection Molded, Long Throw
Power 150 Watts RMS 475 Watts Peak
Frequency response 25 200 Hz
Cabinet Black
Dimensions (H x W x D) 17” x 15.75” x 17.25”
Weight (pounds): 42 lbs.

MSRP $479

Where I Purchased From a nice gentleman that lived near Lake Sammamish.

Price Paid $160

Condition 90% (not included in the Average Guy HiFi score)

This subwoofer is in good shape but there are some small marks here and there.

Quality 8

This appears to be a well built subwoofer but with a MSRP of $479, there’s definitely some room for improvement.

The cabinet feels inline with the price point, along with the quality of the woofer and the amp. I really like the soft rubber feet BIC uses and the fact that the power cord is detachable.

Bass 8.5

This subwoofer performed very similarly to the Klipsch R12SW I reviewed a while back with the slight edge going to the BIC.

It was pretty close between these two subs so I would likely choose the subwoofer that was on sale, if I were shopping in this price range.

MSRP Rating 7.5

Considering the Klipsch R12SW has a MSRP of $349, spending $479 on this sub is a bit of a stretch. Especially considering that $500 gets you into HSU and SVS subwoofer territory.

The good news is, this sub can be had on sale quite regularly. Amazon has it listed at $209, at the moment.

Aesthetics 8

I’ve always been a fan of silver and black speakers/subwoofers, this sub is no exception. It has an attractive yet powerful look to it.

Just make sure the little ones keep their fingers away from the woofer as it appears to be easily dented.

Price Paid Value 7

Not my best deal ever, not even close but I really wanted to get my hands on this sub so I was willing to pay the asking price, which the previous owner wasn’t flexible.

The good news is that I paid what I’ve seen it sold for in the past so I should be able to get my $160 back out of it.

Average Guy HiFi Rating 39/50 = 78%

Final thoughts

This sub, the Polk PSW505 and the Klipsch R12SW are all very similar with the slight edge going to the BIC.

This subwoofer will make most of the home movie enthusiasts very happy with the investment, especially anywhere close to 50% off, which pops up occasionally.

Other Equipment Used

Receiver Marantz SR7013
Amplifier Marantz MM7055
Fan AC Infinity AIRCOM T10 x 2
Game System Xbox One X
BlueRay Player Panasonic DPUB820K
Surge Protection Panamax M7500PRO
Subwoofers Martin Logan Dynamo x2
Remote Logitech Harmony Elite Hub
Speaker Wires MediaBridge speaker and subwoofer cables

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