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Bezczel ft. Ero, Sitek, Poszwixxx, Pyskaty, Ede, VNM - Proforma 2

Step Records

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" Proforma 2 " is the main single from the album Bezczel called "A.D.H.D.". The song is a continuation of the issue of " Proforma " from Fabuła's "Dzieło Sztuki" . Guest in the recording appeared Ero , Sitek , Pyskaty, VNM and of course Ede and Poszwixxx from Fabuła , who wrote the bit. DJ scratching come from Kebsa . The album is available on .

The clip was created with the help of fashion brands Thick Lolo ( ) Outsidewear ( ) , SSG ( ) and Patriotic (http : //

Written, directed and photos Damian Bieniek
Editing : Edward Gryganiec ( Insane Film )

Bezczel was rise in Bialystok's hip - hop school having the characteristic style of rapping and above-average flow . One of the pillars of the team story in recent years has worked carefully on a solo album " A.D.H.D ."

Shortcut of the words A.D.H.D. can well reflect the contents of the abum, which largely entails patriotic content and addresses the social problems . This is the first solo album by rapper , but patch " rookie " not quite fit in this case . Earlier Bezczel released two well-received discs as "Fabuła" ( "Dzieło Sztuki" in 2009 and " Made In 2 " in 2011 ) and a joint album with Kobra "0.7 na dwóch ."

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Title: Proforma 2 ;
Artist: Bezczel ;
Album: A.D.H.D. ;
Featuring: Ero, Sitek, Poszwixxx, Pyskaty, Ede, VNM ;
Producer: Poszwixxx ;
Scratch: DJ Kebs ;
Lyrics: Bezczel, Ero, Sitek, Poszwixxx, Pyskaty, Ede, VNM ;
Label: Proforma Label ;
Video: Bieniek Film & InSane Film ;

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