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Better Together//GVMM//11K Subs Special {DESC}


Sorry for wasting.. 20+ mins of your life
-Open here ;3-

This is my first time making a mini movie so this is not that good

~Info about Characters~
i got inspired by people's pfp (profile picture) and mashed two people together and you can see them in the background where...
Aaron (Jack is his new name) is kissing Artic/Wolfix
And Moon and Mystical Snow are real people
Luv you guys!

(i didnt sing any of it)
(In order)

Background :
Audio Library
Hypnotized - Nightcore
A thousand Years (Credits)

Fooled Again - Tiffany Day
In My Blood
Better Together

-Common Comments-
"Aphmau Fan?"
yes indeed

"Aph Copycat!"
you are blind :) not the whole story was the same. i did put an easter egg but that doesnt mean the whole story is like aph's

"Hate comment"

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