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Best Surprise Proposal - Weatherman proposes to Morning News Anchor

Trent Aric

Jacey Birch, WPLG's Morning News Anchor and Animal Advocate Reporter, was waiting to do a satellite interview with the American Kennel Club about "Pets and the Holidays". What she didn’t realize is that the interview was a setup by her boyfriend, Meteorologist Trent Aric, who also works at the station.

After a few planned “technical difficulties,” Trent pops up on screen with a surprise!

Grab a tissue, you'll need it! The proposal has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox News, CNN and Glenn Beck's "The Blaze". In case you were wondering, Jagger and Simba are Jacey's dogs and Trent's dad is out of the hospital and doing just fine, but he’s getting a good laugh at his first acting job. The couple plans to elope in Bora Bora next Summer.

You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram @TrentAricTV and @JaceyBirch

posted by barrocoblognn