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Best Maid of Honor Toast EVER! (Bride’s life told through musical mashup)

Cord 3 Films

Matron of Honor completely surprises the bride & groom with a pop music mashup detailing the bride’s life. Bridesmaid's Song to Sister- 'Say Something' remix. Best Man Speech - Receives Standing Ovation. Kelsielicious- Hilarious Maid of Honor Rap. CONTE WEDDING - Maid of Honour speech. Best Surprise Choreographed Groomsmen Dance Ever #FaireyExcited. Best Mother Son Dance of All Time!! Wedding Reception Rap (Tied the Knot). Best maid of honor speech ever! EPIC WEDDING MUSIC VIDEO WITH 250 GUESTS IN ONE TAKE! Dirty Dancing first wedding dance from the movie 'the time of my life'.

posted by mzjanjantd