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Best Lead For Your English Springer Spaniel

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Jackie Glunning and her English Springer spaniel, Dolly, share their experience of what works and what when it comes to exercising an English Springer Spaniel.

English Springers were first bred as hunting dogs, used to ‘spring’ or flush game birds into the air, allowing trained falcons or hawks to bring the prey to its handler. They are known for their many field skills, and also their affectionate and lively temperaments.

Springers have an excellent sense of smell, and one of the problems many owners find when they begin walking their Springer puppy is that it will pull on the lead, eager to follow the intriguing scents that its keen nose will find.

Jackie shares how she began walking Dolly on an extendable lead, but has come to believe that this type of lead was probably the worst choice for her dog. She demonstrates how an extendable lead gives Dolly free rein to pull and go off the path. Dolly also struggled with leads that involved a muzzle and suffered two bouts of conjunctivitis trying to paw off a muzzle.

The preferred option for Jackie now is the Mekuti dog harness. She also demonstrates how this harness works, and how to get your dog and in and out of it. The Mekuit harness and doubleended lead is often recommended by trainers as a forcefree way to help with training and reduce pulling. Having doublesided control offers a much more effective means of stopping the animal from darting off, but without pulling on the neck or restricting the muzzle.

Walking your dog can be enjoyable time for you both, rather than a battle for control. Watch this clip to hear Jackie’s experience on how she managed to make that transition.

posted by hornantas2x