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Best Friend Chose Her Boyfriend Over Me


By Maddie | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth'>http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth

In this story, Maddie describes what it was like when her BEST FRIEND chose her BOYFRIEND over her. For the longest time, Maddie and her best friends were a trio Maddie, Kate and Addison. They did absolutely everything together had sleepovers, made TikToks, went swimming and more. But then, everything seemed to change.

Addison had a HUGE crush on this guy Jamie. All she talked about was how perfect they would be together. He was a football player and she was a cheerleader they were MADE for each other. After a while, they ended up dating, and Maddie and Kate were super happy for her.

However, over time, things started to be different. Tiktoks and sleepovers weren't as much fun because Addison started distancing herself from the group. She needed to be more mature for Jamie and spent all of her time talking to him. Eventually, Addison left the group and stopped talking to Maddie and Kate completely.

One day, Maddie woke up to a text from Addison. Addison broke off her friendship with Kate and Maddie because Jamie didn't think they were supportive enough of their relationship. Addison blocked them on all social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and iMessage. Maddie and Kate didn't know what to do.

A couple of days later, Maddie noticed that Addison unblocked her. Maddie got a message from Addison, admitting that she didn't know what to do because Jamie was forcing her to break off all of her friendships and block the people she cared about. After talking it over, Maddie and Kate helped Addison decide to break up with Jamie their relationship was becoming too toxic.

After that, Jamie ended up dating a bunch of other girls and doing the same thing to them, so Maddie is so happy that she was able to help Addison get out of such a toxic relationship. Looking back, it hurts her to think, "My Best Friend Chose My Boyfriend Over Me." But everything ended up working out for the better, and the girls no longer associate themselves with Jamie. Click here to see more stories: https://storybooth.com/

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