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BEST Food Dehydrator | How to Use A Dehydrator for Royal Icing Cookies

Borderlands Bakery

This video will cover how to pick the right dehydrator for your cookie needs. We will also cover the best ways to set up and use your dehydrator so you can set your royal icing faster and make more cookies in a shorter amount of time.

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A dehydrator is commonly known as a kitchen appliance used to remove moisture from food placed inside of it. Most people use dehydrators to make jerky or dehydrated fruit/herbs. I’ve known many people to dehydrate their own dog treats! Think fish, chicken feet, etc.

When using a dehydrator in your royal icing cookie decorating process…
Royal Icing dries faster and shinier if there is airflow — a fan would do something similar, though would not be as effective in drawing out moisture from the icing as a dehydrator
IF you use a thick flood icing and get it in the dehydrator ASAP, that puff tends to stay much… puffier.
The added element of heat from a dehydrator helps your icing set faster– this means you can work on the next layer sooner, saving time.
Airflow and having your icing dry faster means reducing potential color bleed while also reducing craters in small areas of your icing.
The bottom line is that you want to use a dehydrator to set the surface of the icing, but not leave it in so long that it adversely affects the moisture in your cookie.

Is a dehydrator absolutely necessary for cookie decorating? No. But it can significantly impact your cookie production time and cookie aesthetics.

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