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Bengal cat Pixel walking u0026 exploring in the woods (long version)

Hot Rocket Bengal Cats

BENGALS!! Pixel explores a nearby forest, shouts and gets her feet wet too!
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In this video we attach the cat harness & take a short trek through a walking trail, find a little surprise and go for a paddle in a stream.

There are two versions of this video, so you can pick the short 5m version ( or the full 10m version (

0:00 Intro
0:54 But wait! I see a crow!
2:02 But where is Pixel hiding?
2:33 A new environment
3:34 Pixel's first tree?
4:10 Trotting through the water
4:38 Hidden treasure
5:16 Investigating a stream
6:51 Pixel jumps a huge distance :P
7:30 Leaving the birds behind
7:57 Thirsty day out, back to the car
8:40 What's your name Pixel?

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