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Belt Sander Grinder DIY. I made it Using Only Simple Tools.

Restoration In The Back Room

Hello everyone.
I built this belt sander using a simple power tool and junk I found in the workshop. I'm sure you can do the same, or even better!
Work process:
To make a drive roller without using a lathe, I took plywood and a jigsaw.
The plywood is strong enough and is perfect as a drive roller.
I cut the circles of the desired diameter with a jigsaw and glued them together with wood glue. For greater reliability, I pulled these circles with two long selftapping screws.
Then I fixed this workpiece on the motor shaft and using an angle grinder and a chisel, gave a round shape to my workpiece.
I made the driven roller using several bearings and a bolt.
I made the frame of the grinder from a sheet of iron 6 mm thick.
I showed the whole process in the video, I think you will like it!


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