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Belgian Malinois GSD cross. 6 weeks to 1 year old

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To watch more of Mias vids go to her own channel
First and foremost our family pet, Mia is my amazing solid black German Shepherd, Malinois cross. I have lots of footage of her progress right up to her current age of 3.5 years, here is a very condensed edit of snippets from some of the clips taken from the day we went to pick her at 6 weeks old up until her 1st birthday. At the start of the video yo see 2 pups come out of my office, Mia is the girl in the pink collar. the other black pup is her sister Zelda who we brought back with us to be picked up by her new owner who lived double the 200mile distance from our house to the breeders house. T

posted by valentirqzgy