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Belgian Groenendael - TOP 10 Interesting Facts - Belgian Sheepdog


Top 10 interesting facts about the Belgian Groenendael, an energetic, intelligent and affectionate dog breed.

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Short Belgian Groenendael description:
The Belgian Groenendael is well proportioned, athletic and squared built mediumlarge sized dog breed with average height between 5666 cm, which is 2226 inch and weight is typically between 2030 kg, which is 4466 pounds. Females are little bit smaller than males.

Everyone who is describing the Groenendael temperament use the words intelligent and energetic and indeed, the Belgian Sheepdog is not a breed that enjoys lazing around the house. This is a worker and they need something that will occupy them physically but also mentally.

Belgian Groenendael facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:19 History
0:50 Black and longhaired
1:20 Belgian Sheepdog
1:50 Worker
2:15 Smart and active
2:46 Companion
3:11 Strangers
3:33 Size
3:53 Maintenance
4:23 Health

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