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Being Scared animated scary stories

shortflick animations

Shortflick Animations
horror cartoon story.

If you have a story that you would like animated, please write to me and let me know or have the channel with the audio for the story send me a message direct.

For anyone who has a Youtube channel and would like to have their stories animated, please send me a message.

thank you to everyone for watching this animation. I would never have thought this video would receive so many views. Feel free to leave a comment on what type of story you would like to see next.

if you want to listen to more scary stories similar to this, be sure to subscribe to Being Scared as he has plenty of stories available.

In this animated scary story, a man stumbles upon a very creepy small town... Someone Broke Into Our Hotel Room (Horror Animated). 3 Disturbing True Gym Horror Stories. A Creepy Ghost Hunting Story Animated. True Craigslist Horror Stories 2 Animated. TRUE McDonald's Horror Story Animated (English). Fishing Stories Animated. TRUE Campfire Horror Stories Animated (English). My New House Is Haunted. In The Tall Grass HD Short Horror Animation Film. The Saiyan Who Lived On Beerus's Home Planet.

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