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BEHIND THE VOICES Celebrities Collection! (Billie Eilish Ariana Grande JoJo Siwa)

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BEHIND THE VOICES Celebrities Collection! (Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, JoJo Siwa)

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Graphics and animations are important when it comes to animated movies but it’s the characters’
distinctive voices that bring the characters to life. Some of the most famous celebrities, including
huge YouTube stars, have voiced famous animated characters. You might have seen them, but
probably had no idea about the voices behind. Let's have a look at the list of behind the voices
celebrities collection. Stick around to see stars like Selena Gomez, danTDM, and Katy perry
Katy perry
KATY Perry is bestknown as a pop star and a singer, but she's also put her voice to good use
elsewhere as a Smurf. The 28yearold provides the voice of Smurfette in the popular children's
films, and she's revealed that despite not being onscreen visually, she actually takes the role very
seriously and has to prepare for it for quite some time. Smurfette may be one of the most
complex characters in the films, facing existential challenges and wondering about her own
existence. Even her voice was a challenge, according to Smurfs 2 actress Katy Perry. As anyone
in the voice acting business, there is an element of disguising your own voice to pull off the role,
and she had to figure out her method to prepare. Smurfette, is, of course, one of the most popular
characters in the movies which originated from comics written and drawn by Belgian artist
Peyo. Perry also got the chance to work alongside Hollywood star Christina Ricci in the film,
which she said was fantastic.
Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa a youtube celebrity. Over the years, she has acclaimed millions of followers. But even
if you a loyal fan of hers, you might not know that she has actually voiced a character in the
angry bird’s franchise. She began her rise to fame around 2015 as a preteen on the Lifetime
realityTV series Dance Moms. Since then, a talent deal with Nickelodeon has crowned her
America’s most famous children’s entertainer. Siwa has spaghetti blond hair and a voice like a
wooden rollercoaster track–fun but rough, with unexpected undulations. On YouTube, Siwa has
10 million subscribers, mostly gradeschool kids and preteen girls who listen to her music,
consume her lifestyle content, and beg her to feature their products. But her biggest achievement
is the voice over in the movie angry birds 2. The directors loved her a lot from her youtube
channel and decided to give her a shot as the character jay in the movie. She actually does a
really good job.
John Cena
Even if you cannot see him, John Cena is still one of the most loved wrestlers and now actors of
all time. He has starred in some good blockbusters but what you might not know that he has also
voiced a bull in an animated movie. From the creators of Ice Age and Rio, Ferdinand is an
animated movie that tells the story of a gentle bull who is taken from his human family and
forced to join a Spanish bullfighting ring. Voiced by John Cena, Ferdinand goes on a journey to
escape and return home with the help of a mix of bulls, hedgehogs, and a goat, freeing other
fighting bulls along the way. The film was a longtime passion project for director Carlos
Saldanha, who worked for more than four years on production alone. The movie was a pain but
one thing that was easy, however, was casting John Cena in the title role. He is perfect for the
role; someone who is big but has a gentle voice, just like Ferdinand the bull. Cena is perfect for
the role; you can see for yourself.

The next celebrity on our list of Ellen Degeneres. The host has some of the biggest followings in
the industry, but many still don’t know that she was the voice behind the famous animated
movie, Finding Dory! Shocked? It's completely true. Ellen also has a youtube channel with more
than 35 million followers. DeGeneres used her talk show to lobby hard for a sequel to Nemo.
She was first in the 2003 Nemo movie and after 13 years of struggle, she finally got the studio to
make her own movie, “finding dory” in 2016, in which she absolutely killed it! She has a hidden
talent when it comes to voice acting.
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is known for her incredible singing voice, but recently, she has stunned the fans
in an entirely different light. The singer joined the cast of the animated movie 'Underdogs'! that
came out in 2016. The project is an English adaption of the computeranimated Argentine film of
the same name. Ariana voiced a character named Laura. She's joined by Nicholas Hoult, 'Glee'

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