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Beginners Guide To SHARKBITE Fittings (Watch till end BEFORE Buying!) | GOT2LEARN


There's a LOT of videos that talk about Sharkbite fittings on YouTube, but not from A to Z and in this video, i'll cover everything you need to know from PRICE, to where you can USE these, to all the PROS and CONS.

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6 tricks to remove a Sharkbite fitting:

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Sharkbite Pipe Cutters:
Deburr & Depth Gauge Tool:
AutoCut Pipe Cutter 1/2":
AutoCut Pipe Cutter 3/4:
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Start 0:00
How a Sharkbite fitting works 2:00
On which pipe can they be installed on 4:22
How to properly install one 5:12
How to remove one 9:35
Pros and cons 9:54
My opinion on them 13:34

DISCLAIMER: Got2Learn is NOT responsible for any damage done to a property of which the plumbing wasn't done by a professional, I do not recommend doing your own plumbing if you are unsure about what you are doing, always hire a LICENSED contractor when doing any type of plumbing so you can be covered by insurances if something does happen, these videos are for entertainment purposes only!

posted by Alanioveanoz5