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Bearded vs Border Collie - Dog Breed Comparsion


Border Collie vs Bearded Collie. These two dog breeds might have similar name, but they are pretty different in both, temperament and appearance. Find out what are the diferences and similarities between Bearded and Border Collies.

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Short Border Collie description:
Border Collie is medium sized dogs with height up to 22 inches and weight up to 45 pounds. They are very clever, bright and active. You can often times see Border Collies compete in different dog sports and winning those competitions. Border Collie is a working herding breed and they need their mind and body to be stimulated every single day.

Short Bearded Collie description:
Bearded Collie has the same height as the Border Collie, but they are little bit heavier. Their weight should be between 5060 pounds. They also have longer coat, especially on their head. And you guessed it, they are name after their famous beard. Just like the Border Collie, this is smart and alert herding dog that needs a lot of daily exercise. Bearded Collies love to live in a pack with other dogs.

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