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Beach u0026 Lounge - Cool Music

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Imagine yourself on the beach with an allstar lineup of DJs, private cabanas, VIP bungalows, private plunge pools, beach lounge areas and a gorgeous pool.
Beach & Lounge Cool Music Playlist:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/05x...
01 00:00 The Sweetest Taboo (Remix) Scubba, Ivette Moraes, Ronan
02 03:09 Wicked Game (Strange Desire Mix) Ituana
03 06:17 Follow You, Follow Me Tom Polo, Urban Love
04 08:21 Here Comes The Sun (Remix) @Sarah Menescal
05 10:59 Love Is In The Air (Bellestar Remix) Urban Love, Bellestar
06 14:13 Grizzly Bear (Javier Penna Remix) Os Digitalistas
07 17:25 Please Don't Go (DJ Leao Remix) Future Soundscapes, Sao Vicente
08 19:54 Dreams (No.On Remix) Eve St. Jones, No.On
09 23:14 Magic Trippynova, Natalie Renoir
10 27:08 Big In Japan (Krister Remix) Banda Do Sul
11 31:14 Eye In The Sky (DJ Style Remix) James Farrelli, Sarah Menescal
12 34:44 Lovesong (Style Project Remix) Roger Beck
13 37:08 Lovefool (Dalbani Remix) Urselle
14 40:16 Clocks (Sign Of The Times Remix) Ituana
15 43:01 Wonderful Life (Klub Rider Remix) Klub Rider, The Cooltrane Quartet
16 47:02 She Will Be Loved (Dabani Remix) Urselle
17 49:49 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (GSpliff Remix) James Farrelli
18 52:26 Beautiful Life (DJ Style Remix) DJ Style, Dual Sessions, Urselle
19 55:04 Self Control Krister, Dalbani
20 58:05 Hurts To Be In Love (Extended Club Remix) Ronan, Michelle Simonal
21 01:02:24 Broken Wings Dual Sessions
22 01:05:43 Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Dataset Extended Mix) Stereo Dub
23 01:09:53 Fast Car (Krister Remix) Dual Sessions
24 01:12:51 Jamming (Stereo Dub House Mix) Groovy Waters, Stereo Dub
25 01:15:24 One Of These Nights (Astrovoid Remix) Ituana
26 01:18:31 Don't Dream It's Over (Gm House Remix) Sixth Finger
27 01:20:55 Always Remember Us This Way (Extended Remix) Roger Beck
28 01:24:44 Believe (Klub Rider Remix) Urban Love, York
29 01:28:13 Your Love (Bellestar Remix) Dinah Eastwood, Bellestar
30 01:30:58 Don't Start Now (Rollo & Co Remix) Bristol Love, Lee Avril
31 01:34:22 Can't Take My Eyes Off You Natalie Renoir, Stereo Dub, Brazil XXI
32 01:37:18 Hold On, We're Going Home (Urban Love Remix) Francoise Sanders, Urban Love
33 01:40:10 Good For You (Krister Remix) Style Project
34 01:43:22 Time After Time (Dataset Remix) Sarah Menescal, Dataset
35 01:46:55 Watermelon Sugar (Ronan Remix) Banda Do Sul, Natalie Renoire
36 01:49:37 Invisible Touch Os Digitalistas, Mo'Nique
37 01:53:33 Just Can't Get Enough (Deep House Mix) Os Digitalistas, Mayla Da Viola
38 01:56:41 Radioactive (Krister Remix) Dual Sessions
39 02:00:30 It's My Life (Ronan Remix) Ituana, Ronan
40 02:03:20 Your Love Is King (Ronan Remix) Amazonics
41 02:06:14 Adore You (Javier Penna Remix) Les Crossaders, Javier Penna
42 02:09:19 Easy On Me (Rollo & Co Remix) Roger Beck
43 02:11:50 Under The Milky Way (Gs Remix) Anakelly, GSpliff
44 02:15:21 Stranger In Moscow Trippynova
45 02:19:05 Diamonds , DJ Style, Shelly Sony
46 02:21:29 Passionfruit Shelly Sony
47 02:24:06 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Ronan Remix) Bellestar, Ronan
48 02:26:45 West End Girls Bellestar, Sixth Finger
49 02:29:45 Need U (100) (GSpliff Remix) Lila Liu
50 02:32:05 Oops!...I Did It Again (Wax Hero Rework) Brazil XXI, Eve St. Jones
51 02:35:11 Stand By Me (GSpliff Remix) Sarah Menescal
52 02:37:39 Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) Bellestar
53 02:40:28 Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) Dualbox, Ama Lur
54 02:43:14 Hymn For The Weekend Morgan, G & Machines
55 02:45:55 Don't You (Forget About Me)(Krister Remix) Dual Sessions, Luca Giacco
56 02:49:40 Sunny Road (Future Disco Mix) Eve St. Jones, Dual Sessions
57 02:52:29 Can't Help Falling In Love Sarah Menescal
58 02:55:44 Light My Fire (DJ Leao Mix) Freedom Dub, Rosin Taylor
59 02:58:51 I Feel It Coming (Dataset Remix) Sixth Finger, Natty Bong
60 03:01:48 Garota De Ipanema United Rhythms Of Brazil, Hernan Nunzi, Os Digitalistas
61 03:05:46 These Dreams Groovy Waters, Luca Giacco
62 03:09:21 Too Much Heaven (Wax Hero Remix Extended) Dual Sessions, Natalie Renoir
63 03:14:34 Valerie (Deep Piano Mix) Julie Benson
64 03:18:11 You Should Be Dancing (Club Mix) Groove Messengers
65 03:24:37 Tiny Dancer (Ronan Remix)(Radio Edit) Urban Love, Dew
66 03:28:41 Let's Dance Futurama, Dew
67 03:33:03 Papa Don't Preach James Farrelli, Natalie Renoir
68 03:36:38 Low Dalbani, Luca Giacco
69 03:41:02 Lovin' You (Astrovoid Remix) Amazonics
70 03:44:00 How Deep Is Your Love Bellestar
71 03:47:39 If I Can't Have You (Radio Edit) Sixth Finger
72 03:50:49 Don't Cry (Dataset Remix) Ituana
73 03:53:53 Over My Shoulder (Say Goodbye Remix) Sarah Menescal
74 03:56:19 Talking In Your Sleep (Crystal Remix) Ituana, Groove Da Praia
75 04:00:26 All The Good Girls Go To Hell Lila Frascara
& More!

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