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Baking Soda Life Hacks (CLH Vol. 4)


This week Reactions is giving you some more chemistry life hacks! Check out how science can help improve your life:

0:20 - Eliminate odors in your fridge
0:51 - Get that skunk scent out of your dogs fur
1:25 - Make your own cleaning products
1:53 - Make some bread without baking powder

There’s probably a box of it in your fridge or cupboard, and it has a million uses: baking soda. Reactions is back with volume four of its popular Chemistry Life Hacks series, with tips on how to de-skunk your dog, clean your kitchen and supercharge your washing machine. Check out the latest in the series that’s one-part MacGyver, one-part Mendeleev.

Leave your chemistry questions in the comments and you might see it answered on a later episode! Thanks for watching.

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Intro music: Roberto Daglio - Bibossa

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