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Bad Boy's Protection | Mini Movie(Romantic story)| Gachaverse


Natalie is the princess of the 4 nations, recently transferred into a new school for princess and princes. It's already been a month and she started to get bullied. She had a crush on a guy "Alexander" who seemed sweet but didn't know about her feelings for him. Natalie bumps several times into a boy "Blade" who happens to be a bad boy.
One of her bullies "Jessica" hosts a costume party and it's the future queen's duty to attend. She falls in love with a masked guy whom she would never have guessed would be her bodyguard, the guy who mysteriously started helping her out, her childhood friend, the bad boy.

•PART 2 →

•This took 2 weeks to make, it was hard as heck😂 However, as always, I REALLY enjoyed making it, it's also my first mini movie, so I hope that it wasn't too long!
I tried to make it as short and enjoyable as possible!!♥️

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Intro → Sacrifice (Black Atlass & Jessie Reyez)

1st song → Flowers (In Love With A Ghost)

2nd song → We Were Friends (In Love With A Ghost)

3rd song → Force (Alan Walker)

4th song → How Do You Love Someone (Ashley Tisdale)

5th song → Bad Boy (Cascada •Nightcore•)

6th song → Sit Still, Look Pretty (Daya •Nightcore•)

7th song → Danger (BTS)

8th song → Heart Afire (Defqwop)

9th song → Faded (Alan Walker)

10th song → Everytime We Touch (Cascada •Nightcore•)

Outro → Ao Haru Ride Opening Song


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posted by grandiva6k