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BACKUP YOUR MAC! - IN-DEPTH look at Apple Time Machine and many ways to save and recover your files!

Learn with Joel Feld

Everyone should have a backup for their digital life! In this video I discuss using Time Machine to backup your Mac. We also talk about various methods of using Time Machine like backing up to external hard drives, other Macs, and a brief look at Network Attached storage systems like Synology.

00:00 | Welcome Back!
00:50 | What is a Backup?
03:20 | How to identify the format of current external hard drive
03:40 | Setup options for Time Machine
05:27 | Pros and cons of Time Machine
07:24 | Encrypt your Time Machine Backup
09:14 | Time Machine Backup iCloud Photos
11:00 | Using Time Machine with multiple Macs
12:12 | Time Machine and Migration Assistant New Mac
12:49 | Restore a deleted file using Time Machine
14:44 | Apple Bring this Feature BACK!
15:11 | Recover files based of file type using Time Machine
16:05 | Snapshots Restore from Previous versions
19:03 | Setup Time Machine to use another Mac
21:55 | Backup using Synology NAS
22:46 | Verify Time Machine Network Backups

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Apple Support Back up your Mac with Time Machine

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