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Baby monkey morning coffee run!

Every Wednesday

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Little Curtis the cute baby monkey wakes up and enjoys some Coffee bean snacks with his dad Dj4jay. He had an all natural fruit bar which completely organic and very healthy. We also took the little monkey boy to an exotic pet store to find some treats. I'm so fortunate to be able to witness these amazing animal moments every day! Not to mention funny monkeys are the absolute best to be around. Baby monkey eats yummy frozen yogurt! + Full day of eating. Capuchin Monkey LOVES His Human! Newborn Baby Monkey morning routine! 4K HD. Angry Baby monkey attacks owner during playtime! 4k HD. Monkey EXCITED For Silly Putty! Newborn Baby Monkey enjoys best massage ever! Baby Chimp doesnt want to share his toy. How To get a pet monkey. A Day in the Life of a Pet Raccoon. 3 Day Old Tiny Orphan Baby Monkey Rescued & Update On Brain Damaged Baby - Vervet Forest - S2 Ep.10.

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