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Baby Goth is an industry plant that came out of seemingly nowhere when she released the official music video for her song "Swimming" that features Trippie Redd & Lil Xan.

I did some major digging to find all the information that I used in this video so I hope you enjoy, I in no way want to send anything negative towards Baby Goth, I just want people to see this information and what they do with that is not within my control.

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Special Thanks to Spenny for helping with some research go give him a sub: XAN THE JEWELER: Lil Xan Makes Himself A CUSTOM Piece at ICEBOX!!! Lil Xan Day In The Life. Top 10 Hottest Goth Girls in Movies. GOTH GIRLS & MILLION DOLLAR PLUGS. Dr. Phil Can't Stand this kid... Is this Kid the Ultimate Soundcloud Rapper? Cuban Doll walks out on her No Jumper interview. XXXTentacion Spotted Alive At The 2019 Super Bowl... Noah Cyrus Reacts To Lil Xan Saying She Cheated. BILLIE EILISH MEMES COMPILATION.

posted by Stroveglitr