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Baby D Knife Pure PKing is Practically Gold Farming


With the introduction of Dragon Knifes into Oldschool Runescape super low level baby range pures have now took the throne as the most powerful style of accounts in their combat bracket. I showcase how strong these accounts really are and take home a ton of bank loot from my arch enemies the Obby maulers! OSRS has been treating us right!


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Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out this video. Be sure to check out my most recent OSRS 2007 uploads. If you enjoyed don't forget to show some love in the comments section! I've got so much to come, and i'm going to bring you guys with me! Pk commentaries, giveaways, clan events, skilling, deadman mode, bossing, slayer, money making guides, quest guides, and TONS more osrs content WILL be happening. Stay tuned!

Music by OSRSBeatz

posted by tandanuj