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Awesome Winter Life-Hacks: 14 Fashion Hacks to Keep You Warm

Crafty Panda

Winter is here! And although it’s cold out, there’s no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing choices that can and should be fixed. And what’s more, who said you can’t look classy in these frigid temperatures?! We came up with a dozen of sweater and wool DIY winter apparel hacks for you to try out!
Winter you can’t scare us!

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0:04 Quick Knitted Sweater Fix
1:00 Sweater Skirt
2:29 Wear Your Scarf
3:49 Removing Wool Pills
5:14 Scarf Puppy Face
5:49 Sweater Bag
6:59 Sweater Dress
8:00 Neck Warmer
9:06 Waterproof Shoes
9:30 Touchscreen Winter Gloves
9:50 Fix Your Foggy Glasses
10:12 Cup Sweater
10:30 Sweater Glove
10:47 Dry Out Your Shoes

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