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Australian Terrier - TOP 10 Interesting Facts


TOP 10 interesting facts about the Australian Terrier, a loyal, courageous and spirited dog breed.

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Short Australian Terrier description:
The Australian Terrier is a small dog breed with short legs and average height between 911 inches, which is 2328 cm and weight between 1420 pounds, which is 69 kg. Females are naturally slightly smaller than males.

The coat of Australian Terrier is wiry and harsh. Great fact about the coat is, that it resists matting and repels dirt. Thanks to that, it is very easy to maintain in top condition. They do shed minimally and require only occasional weekly brush.

Australian Terrier facts VIDEO TIMESTAMPS:
0:33 Origin
0:58 Worker
1:20 Companions
1:50 Entertainers
2:12 True terrier
2:35 Coat
2:55 Size
3:17 Training
3:37 Rough coated terrier
4:00 Health

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