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Aussie Highway Patrol Arrest - Real or Fake?


I saw this recently and due to sloppy editing by the producers of the show, I decided to have a whinge. Please read the rest below:

A few too many coincidences, but that doesn't mean it's fake. One must ask though, why didn't the camera dude giving chase not conduct a citizen's arrest?

In any case, all those cars and people flying everywhere just for the sake of a show can only make it more dangerous for everyone, considering they'll book you for the slightest thing, or verbal you into it because they know they're backed by their commercial magistrates' courts.

If it's real, then the crim only got a community corrections order rather than jail, for armed (attempted? - wasn't made clear if he actually stole anything) robbery.

Cop flaps gums: "It was a good result".

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posted by me10i841