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Aubrey Plaza


Aubrey Plaza Had a Pirate for a Roommate. Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, and Jason Schwartzman with Matt Zaller for FUNNY PEOPLE movie talk. Off The Cuff: Aubrey Plaza Talks 'Safety Not Guaranteed' And Spider Bites. Aubrey Plaza In ‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas’ | TODAY. Aubrey Plaza Gives Chelsea Handler an Anatomy Lesson on the Male Dolphin | Chelsea | Netflix. Parks and Recreation Highlight Reel: Talks at Google. Why Aubrey Plaza's Women's Basketball League Is a Big Deal. Aubrey Plaza's Awkward Chris Bosh Encounter. Parks and Recreation - April Ludgate's Best Moments (Supercut). Parks and Recreation - Aubrey Plaza’s “Kiss Me” Improvisation.

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