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Athae Rajini - A Tribute To Superstar Rajini | Petta Paraak | 2.0 Movie | Ma Ka Pa Anand | CoverCrew

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Athae Rajini - A Tribute To Superstar Rajinikanth narrated by Ma Ka Pa Anand on CoverCrew. 2.0 Movie is the much anticipated movie of the year, ft. #Rajinikanth, #AkshayKumar and #AmyJackson in the lead roles, was released worldwide on 29 November, 2018 in 3D and normal viewing categories. Directed by Shankar, music by AR Rahman and cinematography by Nirav Shah. #2Point0 opened to humongous response and is considered to hit the ball out of the park. 2.0 movie earned ₹100 crore in India on its first day, which is the second highest ever for an Indian film.

As fans of beloved Superstar Rajinikanth, we have adored and worshipped him right from his black n' white days to the current 3D day. Beginning his career with black n white movies, Rajinikanth moved on to inspire us in colour movies, later to star in motion capture movie and presently in a 3D movie. With the release of 2.0, sequel to the 2010 movie Enthiran, Rajinikanth continues to surpass all his previous records. 2.0 also stars Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain, Mayilsamy and NOTA fame Sanchana Natarajan.

A tribute to the one and only superstar, for the fans who have adored him for decades. Join us in this trip down the memory lane, along with Ma.Ka.Pa. Anandh, a fellow Rajini fan.

Based on many real life events, Athae Rajini records the parallel life we had with Rajinikanth from the beginning till forever. From waiting in long queues to digitally waiting and crashing the server Rajini's movies has always been synonyms with celebrations.

Adhe Rajini is our little tribute to our thalaivar who has inspired, given us joy and all the goosebumps ever possible. If this story is you, and reminds you of the times you've seen Rajini's films, share it people you've watched, whistled, screamed and cheered in theatres.

And it's our hatrick association with Rajinikanth and we can't be more excited. Grab the official licensed 2.0 merchandises with us.

Narrated by Ma.Ka.Pa. Anandh
Directed by Andrew neet
Written by Balachander R & Balasundaravel M
Art Direction by Jugal Shiva
Illustrations by Jugal shiva, Andrew Neet, Diwakar & Magesh Sakthi
Motion graphics by Gopinath & Balasundaravel M
Sound design by Andrew Neet
Production Manager Balachander R

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