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Ask Becks... | Sainsbury's


Sainsbury's Active Kids ambassador, David Beckham, answers questions about his childhood and family put to him by children and Paralympic athlete Ellie Simmonds.

Hi, I'm David Beckham and I'm really proud to be an Active Kids ambassador. Having an active childhood is really important if you want to grow up healthy and happy. I know you've got some questions for me so fire away.
Hello David. When did you first know that you wanted to be a footballer and why?
Hi Kai. Well I first knew I wanted to be a footballer about your age probably and I worked really hard, I practiced and when I was at school I turned round to my teacher and said that I wanted to be a professional footballer and they replied with: 'No, what do you want to do as your real job?'
Isabel & Shelby:
Hi David. Me and my sister love playing pirates. What imaginary games did you play when you were younger?
Hi Isabel. Hi Shelby. Well your pirate ship looks amazing, it looks better than anything that I ever built when I was your age, but I actually wanted to be a soldier so I used to march around the house and roll around in mud. So, that was what I used to do.
Hi David. I love to juggle. How good are you?
Hi Louis. Juggling has never been my expertise but, guess what? I'm gonna give it a go. Almost.
Hello David. What games do your kids play with their grandparents and what did you play with yours?
Hi Ellie. My sons love Lego so they would sit for hours and hours. My granddad died a few years ago but before then we used to go over the park and we used to play football. I used to love being outside, he loved football so we just used to go over the park and just play together.
Hi David. What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?
Hi Christiana. Uhm... It's a long time ago, but my favourite toy as a kid was Thomas the Tank Engine. One of my sons absolutely loves Thomas the Tank Engine as well, so it's carried over, but that was my favourite toy.
Hi David. My son absolutely loves football. Were there any sports or games equipment that you really liked?
Hi Chris. Well obviously my favourite bit of equipment was the football. From waking up in the morning to school, I used to carry the football. I actually think I slept with the football a few times.

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